Samedi 25 Août

11 h00 Place Colbert
Rock School

16h Jardin du Theatre
Seb Martel & amis

21h Corderie Royale Main Stage
International House Band

Geraint Watkins, Panama Red, BJ Cole, Renaud Pion & Jeff Boudreaux

John Lester

with Renaud Pion

Angie Palmer & BJ Cole

Angie Palmer & David Ogilvy
with John Lester, BJ Cole, Jeff Boudreaux, Panama Red & George Wolfheart

John Greaves
with Scott Taylor & Fay Lovsky

David Ogilvy
with BJ Cole, John Lester & Jeff Boudreaux

Geraint Watkins
with Renaud Pion & George Wolfheart

with BJ Cole and the stage invaders


Panama Red
with Geraint Watkins, George Wolfheart
Fay Lovsky, Ronnie Caryl & Jeff Boudreaux

watch the first part of the grande finale
Nick Harper
Rochefort Calling

and then there was the second part
Panama Red
Rochefort Music

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videos from friday

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