Vendredi 24 Août

16h-30 Temple
Michel Deneuve - BJ Cole - Fay Lovsky - Renaud Pion

21h Corderie Royale Main Stage
Ukulele Club Light
with Tony Truant & Chloe Mons

Vic Moan

with Seb Martel, George Wolfheart & Jeff Boudreaux

Seb Martel
with George Wolfheart, Jeff Boudreaux
Renaud Pion, John Greaves & Tony Truant

Tony Truant
with Racaille, Cravic, Lovsky, Greaves, Vic, Silvain, BJ, Jeff , Renaud

Marie-Juliette Beer
with GeorgeWolfheart, Christophe Rossi, Stephane Misri, BJ Cole, Geraint Watkins

Paul Tiernan
with GeorgeWolfheart, John Lester, Barry Melton, Christophe Rossi
Stephane Misri, BJ Cole & Geraint Watkins

Panama Red
with GeorgeWolfheart, Paul Tiernan, Barry Melton
Christophe Rossi, Stephane Misri & BJ Cole

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