2005 to 2009

For five years I had the pleasure of piecing together Rochefort en Accords
a festival that I'd wanted to put on since I started organising concerts in 1997.
I managed to bring almost all of the musicians I wanted to have come to the festival
and to interact musically and socially. In 2009 I decided it was time to say "adieux"
to this unique event that I'd created. Too many cooks were spoiling my broth
and the festival was running the risk of losing its integrity and coherence.
There were also other factors that made the exceptional looseness of the encounters
more and more difficult (as you can see from the video below) and these I could not countenance.
Five fabulous years working with so many great and generous musicians and making
some fine friends amongst the volunteers and members of the association
who had the idea of bringing the Accords to Rochefort.
Karel Beer

Here's what some of the musicians had to say.

Karel It was really amazing! The music, fantastic!,
the musicians - wonderful players, lovely connections with old & new friends.
Gabriela Arnon

à bientôt et merci encore
jf pauvros

Hey Karel,
Recovered from the Rochefort 2009  hangover ???
I'm still a bit dans le vap , but it was worth every drop***
My best,
LadyChild (aka) Natalia

hey karel!
many thanks again for putting on the best and most musician friendly and vibe-comfortable fest. in france!....it's great that everyone jams and creates bands off the cuff....
be sure to read ken stringfellow's website diary and his account of his days in rochefort!!...
it really sums the whole thing up perfectly.....
cheers and many many many thanks again!
jeff b

Cheers Karel
Great festival please say thanks 2 all the team from the Faccini Clan
see you


Hi Karel,

We are reluctantly on our way home, and are in Singapore tonight (which seems kinda dull after the wild Rochefort bunch)...it was fantastic to end our 3 months on such a high with meeting everyone at Rocheford...we have said several times to each other over the past few days how we can't believe how many gorgeous people we met...everyone was just so warm and accomodating (not an ego in sight)...we had loads of fun! I really appreciate the chance you gave me to be a part of it all. 
It sounds like you are still partying on, which is great.. We will be sure to keep in touch when we get home and will be sure to keep you updated on our plans for return..
We would love to see any video or pics that anyone gets together as we only managed a few pics and one or two video clips (especially Friday on the mainstage as we have nothing from that)? I will try to put what I have on a Cd when I get home if you would like...I think I have some video of Saturday night's afterparty also...
Thanks again for absolutely everything....We'll be in touch really soon...XX You truly Rock!!!
Marisa and Tim

Thanks Karel. It was great fun with great music & lovely people & good food & wine. What could be better?
I liked the news clip on the podcast & what I could understand of the Le Monde review seemed good too. Excellent.
Thanks a lot for including me in the line up for the festival.
all the best,
Roger Beaujolais

Dear Karel,
thank you so much for inviting us to take part in the festival. We really loved it all. I was trying to think of my favourite bits but it was all so great that I found myself thinking of everything, right down to the citron presse I had in the Place Colbert on my own in the Saturday early evening sunshine.
All the people were so great, the musicians and the volunteers. It was hard to say goodbye.
I hope you organise another festival somewhere else and that we can be part of it, and I hope Rochefort carries on in a good way whatever.
Many thanks again for all your help and a really great time.
Love Rebecca and Andy x

merci encore de l'accueil  que vous nous avez réservé
on a vraiment passé un bon moment

typical, le monde is an inside job,
Rob Armus

Merci à toi Karel, d'avoir été le ciment entre nous, le rire, la blague, le sérieux.
J'ai trouvé tout ça excellent !
J'ai rencontré des gens merveilleux.
J'ai énormément bu et bouffé.
Merci !

Bonjour Karel,
Et merci de ce lien que je regarderai chez moi en rentrant d' oleron. Merci encore mille fois de m'avoir permis de jouer a Rochefort cette année, et j'espère avoir pu y apporter quelque chose. De mon cote, j'ai adore cette expérience humaine, ces rencontres superbes comme ses rencontres rates, mille merci pour tout. Et bonne route pour la suite, car il m'a semblé entendre que tu arrêtais l'année prochaine ? On se verra sur Paris bientôt, ok ? En tout cas merci et bravo pour tout !
Sebastien Llado

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