23, 24 & 25 August

Festival Imprévisible et Inattendu

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Most of the photos were taken by Frederique Torres but a few were by Fay and Seb's pa.

Jeudi 23 Août
15h Temple
Fay Lovsky & Dominique Cravic

John Greaves ponders Paul Verlaine

17h Transbordeur

Michel Deneuve Cristal Crossing

what do you mean you haven't got a black faced twin reverb!!! ?
asks BJ

let's keep a record of this you guys

rain effects
Johan & Marie Juliette differently

Ronnie Caryl goes Down River

Live On The River
Paul & Nick

Red Wolf

Meanwhile back at the canteen

Vendredi 24 Août
14h-30 Jardin Marine

Thierry sizes up Brad Scott

Brad wants a little less middle

Fay catches Chloe in the act

the result

Bargain Basement get that gut feeling
Brad Scott, Vic Moan, Silvain Vanot

16h-30 Temple
Michel Deneuve - Fay Lovsky - BJ Cole - Renaud Pion
figure things out

bemused on the balcony
panama, greaves & geraint

18h Jardin du Theatre
Angie Palmer - David Ogilvy - Paul Tiernan - George Wolfheart

John Lester

the jardin party

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

21h Corderie Royale

Vic Moan & Seb Martel

Jeff Boudreaux

Nick Harper

Tony plays Truant

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby

Barry Melton

Marie Juliette no relation Beer

Geraint Watkins fishin' for the key

Vic finds something to moan about

Samedi 25 Août

nice band shame about the drummer

14h-30 Jardin du Theatre

Seb Martel & Scott Taylor

George Wolfheart, Marie Juliette Beer, Seb, Scott, Cravic

Jeff Boudreaux

no you can't borrow my camera

Tony martele Martel

karel blows someone else's trumpet

tony gets tetchy about his gretch

Barry Melton Johan Asherton

17h Rue Lafayette

Nick Harper

a new mac never lets you down ?

Nick & Tony wind down

Tony table-top Truant

wine and water
Tony Truant with Silvain

20-30h Corderie Royale

The International House Band
Renaud Pion, Geraint Watkins, BJ Cole, Panama Red, Jeff Boudreaux

John Lester & Renaud Pion

Angie Palmer

John Greaves

Camel A

Nick in the cabin

Geraint Watkins

Ronnie Caryl & Panama

the magnetic fay lovsky

rochefort calling the finale


Picnic Baskets

signature series guitar

the bi-focals

Pirates of the Poitou

that's all folks see you next year