Ramsay Midwood

photos Fréderique Torres

George Wolfheart, Mickey Benjelloun & Jicé Ditroy

Saturday 28 november 2009

setlist (of sorts) not written in stone

photo Fréderique Torres
Ramsay Midwood
& The International House Band*
(Paris Chapter)

Monday 8 december 2008

105 rue du faubourg du Temple Paris 10

listen to ramsay midwood with darden smith and randy weeks
in the sound gallery back in 2004
an impromptu office affair

* Yes we offered Ramsay full use of a band for this one off Paris concert
George & Adam Wolfheart (bass/guitar/mandolin) Paul Susen (fiddle) Rob Armus (sax) Mickey (guitar) & JC (harp) all sat in and later in the evening Jim Keaveny a pal of Ramsay's from Austin could be heard slapping the tamborine

setlist (of sorts) not written in stone either

this we know he did
sitting on all his ideas

1st set
Shine On, Down Home, Rockin Alabama, Monster Truck, Shoe Pretty
St James Infirmary, Grass'll Grow, Trashy Side
2nd set
Drifters Wife, Sing All Along The Way, Esther, Feed My Monkey, My Old Kentucky Home
I Saw The Light, Chicago, Mohawk River, Spinnin' On This Rock
Down Home (again), ?, Freight Train, When God Dips His Pen