Marisa Yeaman

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Saturday 12 February 2011

An Intimate & Exclusive
Sound Gallery


One of the big hits at the Rochefort en Accords festival in 2009 Marisa comes from Australia but has come up from down under to gain a warranted fine reputation in Europe and America. Already a valid passport holder to Americana, Marisa is a gifted songwriter capable of stylistically crossing borders from folk to blues to country and beyond. With strong acoustic guitar work and vocals, laced with the unpretentious onstage ease of a natural storyteller, Marisa captivates audiences with her honesty and humility as she continues to forge new paths across the international Roots music terrain. Expect some of her friends from the Accords festival to lend their hands to her show making this another great night to remember in the Sound Gallery.

Marisa at Rochefort en Accords Festival
with BJ Cole, Mickey Benjelloun, Andy Hamill & Jeff Boudreaux