Jenny Bruce

31 May 2002
Thursday 6 Juin 2002
in the
Sound Gallery

Sal Bernardi
for the encores


Set List
1/ Blue Angel
2/ Who Am I Fooling
3/ Amsterdam
5/ Me and Lizzy
6/ Time ?
7/ Something's Missing From the Autumn Sky
8/ Soul On Fire
9/ So All Alone ?
10/ Hello Freaks
11/ encore with Sal Bernardi
12/ Soul On Fire
13/ Make this Dream Come True
14/ Carrie

Jenny's from New York, she is a tremendous singer and writes great songs. In fact everyone was so taken by her when she stopped off for an intimate evening last thursday that I asked her back for more. She studied in Paris back in the late 1980's. A Reid Hall girl in fact and even did a stint in the Hollywood Savoy (a great place to get your chops together before going onto bigger and better things, such as working as Euro Disney). When it was time to leave Paris she not only had a degree but "un homme" named Bernard to take back to Manhattan. Her taste in men is as good as her taste in music and I suggest you come along and sample for yourself. Delightful!

Jenny's website