Laughing Matters in Paris presents not Tony Law but

Nick Wilty
wilty space
Wednesday 16th March 2011

105, faubourg du Temple Paris 10
Thursday 17th March 2011
in the Sound Gallery
104, quai de Jemmapes Paris 10

Tony Law was made an offer he couldn't refuse and he didn't (it was to shoot a TV advert over 4 days that fell across his Paris dates) so I had to find a suitable replacement. Phil Nichol suggested Nick Wilty which was rather appropriate seeing that I've owed Nick a Paris show for over 15 years.
Back in 1995 (before I did the first show with Eddie Izzard) I saw Nick in the old Comedy Store in London and asked him whether he'd like to come and do a Paris show once I got things going. Being a more than well travelled man he was well up for it and I promised to make it happen. Well Nick did some more travelling and I did a whole bunch of comedy shows with just about every self-respecting stand-up in activity but never managed to get 'round to bringing Nick over to a city that I'm sure he knows like the back of a husky's paw. It was a circumstantial and circuitous route but finally we'll have Wilty won't we? And it will be well worth the wait.