Sunderland's loss was Paris' gain
Laughing Matters in Paris presented live from Romford
fresh in from the Falklands for a smattering of agriculteral studnets
and a reunion with an old friend from Penge.

stu's comedy catches
photo Stuart Mcalister
Junior Simpson
La Java
Tuesday 26 September 2006

Luton's lapsed choirboy Junior Simpson is the comedy world's most exciting new recruit. Having honed his material and performance skills on the British black comedy circuit. Junior is now much in demand both nationally and in the top London clubs. Junior's personal worldview, performed with style and confidence, is enjoyed by every audience. Most recently, Junior has hosted a new game show, "In the Dark With Junior Simpson" and the pilot for a new programme, "The Hit Man", both for Channel 5. He is also a guest contributor to the prestigious Cutting Edge at The Comedy Store.

"My highlight was JUNIOR SIMPSON. A vigorous raconteur and vibrant mimic with lots to say. His compact yet complex set included a searing satire of Ragamuffin music, impressions of Martin Luther King, Sean Connery and a Pentecostal preacher plus a hilarious, yet poignant, routine about his parents' reaction to his debut on BBC2's The Real McCoy. It ought to be the first of many-watch that man!"
The Guardian

"The new Lenny Henry" The Times