Laughing Matters in Paris presented the InvINCEable

Robin Ince

La Java
7 November 2006
2006 Time Out Comedy Award Winner

While he is known to many as a friend of Ricky Gervais, featuring heavily on his Politics DVD release and as failed interviewee Stuart Foot in The Office, Ince is also a highly regarded live performer and writer. Despite all his comedy work, however, he is probably most widely known as a talking head on clip shows on British television, where he (and other talking heads) appear between clips to reminisce. In 2005 he stopped accepting invitations to appear in these types of shows, as he felt they were harming his credibility as a comic.His stage style tends towards erudite rambling - often at break-neck speed. Ince is also an adept impressionist, with John Peel, Tommy Vance, Morrissey and Stewart Lee particular favourites.