Karel Beer's Laughing Matters In Paris Would Have Presented
The High Flying Markus Birdman Only The Omicron Variant Cipped His Wings
However We Had Our Very Own Comedic Variant in The Shape Of
Ian Moore

it was standing room only
Chez Georges

11 rue des Canettes Paris 6
metro St Germain des Pres / Mabillon
Wednesday 1st December 2021

another job well dungeoned



Laughing Matters Finally Presented the Sartorial
Comedian, Mod Master, Tea Drinker, Author & Chutney Maker
in the Loire Valley
Ian Moore

Wednesday 23rd March 2016


Ian lives in rural France and spends most of his time travelling grumpily between the UK and France while his family grows and his wife adopts every maladjusted animal in the area. He as written a book or two about it....

Almost single-handedly leading the resurgence of all things mod,comedian Ian Moore has achieved great success on the London and National circuits and is a regular headliner at London's famous Comedy Store.
Ian's laconic observations on life, from the problems of using thewrong vocabulary in a German Pizza Hut to an almost pathological hatred of most forms of physical exertion, have proved hugely successful with live audiences all over the world from Australia to China, and the Phillipines to the Middle East. He hasn't performed in South America, but feels no reason why they wouldn't love him there too.

Following a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival where heappeared with Catherine Tate, Ian was one of only seven British comics selected to appear at the pinnacle of all comedy festivals - Montreal's Just for Laughs. Alongside the likes of Jimmy Carr, Ian performed in the selloutBritcomshowcase proving to be such a success he subsequently went on to headline theWorldcomshow at the festival's finale.

Ian was also, briefly, the warm up comic for the BBC's 'Friday Nightwith Jonathon Ross' show, until the DAVID BOWIE incident, of which the less said the better.

Ian has headlined at The Reading and Leeds music festivals,
but he is too well dressed to consider appearing at Glastonbury.