After 7 incredible years at the Hotel du Nord Laughing Matters in Paris found a new home at la Java and was delighted to inaugurate our new series of shows there with Scotland's outrageous
Craig Hill

tuesday 22 march 2005
La Java
105 rue du faubourg du Temple Paris 10

Camper than a big camp of campers pitching up their pink sparkly tents, but funny as hell."

"Riotously funny... his energy is boundless... He is that rare thing, a naturally funny comedian whose skewed expressions are enough to keep us happy. But he is also a terrific singer, with an effortless high falsetto that he employs to parody all the gay icons... his drunken Garland and underwater Streisand are spine-tinglingly accurate; tiny vocal masterpieces alone worth the ticket price." 

"Craig Hill live is a revelation. Cheery and charming, the audience warms to him instantly, but there's also a dark, couldn't-care-less bitchiness to his comedy...
Nothing and no-one is safe from Hill's sharp and deadly put-downs." 

"A high-camp, high-energy non-stop spate of gags, audience-directed invective (in the nicest possible way) and deadly-accurate take-offs of various chanteuses... Hill's voice and his impressions are so precise it's hard not to wonder if there wasn't a more serious musical career discarded in favour of comedy - except that keeping a straight face, or anything else for that matter, might be well-night impossible for such a lively and cheeky performer."

"Camp Scot in a kilt with an enormous talent."